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people traveling by car, patience might be the most important thing to take along. there is congest shock along north -- congestion along north and southbound lanes but no major accidents reported at this hour. more than 93 million people will travel at least 50 miles or more this holiday weekend, according to aaa travel. what can we expect leading up to christmas? erica grow. >> we have improvement in tomorrow's forecast but today was a brutal, blustery day. peak wind gusts 43 miles an hour at reagan national. 51 at dulles and 49 miles per hour at hagerstown. we did have very strong winds. if you were watching yesterday, i told you we would see winds gusting above 40 miles per hour. 51 was the highest wind gust at martinsburg, west virginia airport. here's a look at your wakeup weather. it's going to be very cold tomorrow morning. good news is, those winds are
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really going to settle down. there will still be a wind chill factor because for the temperature between 22 and 30 at 6:00 a.m., any little breeze will give you a wind chill. by 8:00 a.m. lots of sunshine. 26 to 34. at 10:00 a.m., still chilly, getting better. near 40 degrees in town and 31 in outlying suburbs. a much milder sunday is on tap. more details on that coming up in your full weather forecast. back to you, bruce. >> thanks, erica. despite recent events nationally and locally that dampened the holiday spirit, many still looking for a way to enjoy the celebrations with their loved ones. the zoo lights exhibit at the national zoo here in d.c. filled with a lot of folks what they wanted. our ken molestina was there tonight. >> reporter: here your senses are heightened by this winter wonderland all throughout. it's easy to get lost in the exhibits. >> it was nice.
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>> the music was wonderful. the lights go to the music. it's fantastic. >> yeah. >> reporter: the joy clearly felt by children and their parents. that's a good thing, especially when you consider the unfortunate events that have tainted this year's holiday season. the sandy hook massacre, gun control debates, talks of the fiscal cliff and recession, death in the middle east and an american nation divided along political lines are some of the scars that will undoubtedly leave their mark on 2012. but here among the holiday cheer, at least for a short while, all is forgotten. >> we try to keep our minds off of such negative things and try and enjoy the holiday season with people that you care about. >> i think it came too fast, the holiday came too fast. with all the situations of what's happening around us, this is a great way to hang out with a whole bunch of dear friends. >> reporter: put simply, these are all just colorful lights accompanied with feel-good music. the sights and sounds might be common for many, but for others it's an escape that serves as a
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therapeutic distraction from the unfortunate realities that have bruised the american spirit. however, this time of year does offer certain healing that even young ones know about. >> merry christmas and happy new year. >> and you haven't had time to come out here, you have a chance. it's open until january 1 and admission is free. it runs every night until 9:00. ken molestina 9 news. shoppers were taken advantage of deep discounts on super saturday. the last weekend before christmas. shoppers were crowding stores and shopping malls all day and well into the evening. surae chinn was also in the crowds. >> reporter: parents holdingbags of gifts and carting toys to put under the christmas tree. >> you've got to do what you've got to do, right? >> reporter: they all have one thing in common. >> buying my last gifts. >> reporter: waiting until the last minute. >> i work a lot. >> why did you wait until the last minute? >> paycheck. got paid. >> i always try to get a little earlier, but it never works. >> reporter: it might all pay off for them as they score
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great deals on super saturday. >> one of the best buys you can get. >> have you finished your shopping? >> no. >> has panic set in yet? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: there's no need to panic. the crowds will still be here, and you still have two full days left of shopping. >> i came to buy for my sister and my parents. >> reporter: she's going to need that extra time. >> i need to do shopping for her, and yeah, it's fun to work with her hair. >> reporter: some shoppers have given up all together. >> i've been here for about four hours. found some great stuff, but i don't have the patience for the lines. so i'm walking over to concierge and buying two gift certificates for tyson's corner for my children. >> and you're done. >> and i'm done. >> reporter: except for what she's finding for herself. >> i did buy myself some makeup. what can i say? >> reporter: these men may take christmas shopping sitting down, but not andre yates. >> i always wear my christmas hat and shirt. i have one i wear each day.
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it's real nice to get out with the crowd and have the christmas spirit. >> reporter: in maclaine, surae chinn, 9 news. >> super saturday accounts for a big portion of holiday sales. in fact, it can net billions of dollars more than even black friday. well, with time running out to avoid the fiscal cliff, democrats and republicans have retreated to their home bases with all signs tonight pointing to us going over that cliff. that means taxes for 90% of us will be going up in days unless an agreement is reached. president barack obama is now in hawaii for christmas with his family. yesterday he urged the congress to adopt a stopgap measure to prevent taxes from rising on income under $250,000 a year and keep benefits flowing to unemployed folks. house speaker john boehner, he's home in cincinnati tonight. he failed to get members of his own party to support his plan b proposal for ending the crisis. today boehner was back on the
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attack, blaming democrats for the stalemate by refusing to include entitlements in the networkses. >> what the president has offered won't do anything to help our spending problem and address the crippling debt. he wants more spending and tax hikes that will hurt our economy, and he refuses to challenge the members of his party to deal honestly with thentitlement reform and the big issues facing our nation. that's why we find ourselves here today. >> the president said since the deal had not been reached he would be returning sometime after christmas. workers won't feel all of the tax increases in their january paychecks. the american payroll association says it's already too late for employers to accurately withhold income taxes from january paychecks. workers will immediately feel the squeeze of a 2% social security payroll tax. 2.6 million dollars. that's how much money has been raised for the newtown memorial
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funds. the donations will go toward funerals, memorials, even a new school to replace sandy hook elementary where the shootings took place. earlier today, all of the children of newtown were invited to choose among hundreds of donated toys. the local united way is asking people all over to stop sending toys and do charitable work or make a donation in the victims names. meantime, funeral services for two more young shooting victims ended a week of gut-wrenching farewells. 7-year-old and 6-year-old were laid to rest today in newtown. yesterday family and friends attended a funeral service for a 6-year-old emily parker in utah. her family had just recently moved to newtown. police have not yet established a motive for adam lanza who killed 20 students and 6 female staffers on december 14th. he also killed his mother. all this before taking his own life. tonight, police are looking for a motive in the shooting
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spree in a rural pennsylvania community that left four people dead, including the gunman. that violence broke out when a man with a gunshot three people in frankstown township 100 miles east of pittsburgh. it's jeffery lee michael, 44, who was killed in a shoot-out with state troopers as he tried to flee in a pickup truck. neighbors say two of the victims lived near the gunman and were about to go christmas shopping when they were guntd down in their -- gunned down in their driveway. >> it's something you don't think can happen to you, you know. just like what happened in connecticut, you know. >> the third victim was shot to death as she put up christmas decorations on the front door of a porch. the state trooper wounded in the shoot-out with the gunman remains hospitalized tonight. that trooper is expected to be okay. tonight, a manassas man is in police custody charged in a double shooting at a local convenience store. it happened just before 1:00 this afternoon at a sheets
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store in the 8500 block of centerville road in manassas park. police say two people were taken to prince william hospital. their conditions are unknown at this time. 34-year-old of manassas has been charged with malicious wounding and use of a firearm in commission of a felony. he's being held tonight without bond. just ahead on 9 news now, this saturday night. >> it's kind of a sign of hope, that the bonds of family life are stronger than any wind or fire or flood. >> two months after super storm sandy, a hometown bride and groom celebrate their big day in style. super storm sandy
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nearly two months after super storm sandy devastated the east coast thousands of people still trying to rebuild. three days before christmas
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volunteers delivered a little hope to one family still trying to move back into their residence. erica ferrari is in breezy point, new york, with that story. >> reporter: he doesn't have a job this christmas. super storm sandy destroyed the restaurant where she and her three daughters worked. it also wiped out the first floor of their home in breezy point, new york. >> you just want to be back in your home, even if it's not going to be the same. >> reporter: volunteers from she doesn't have money for right now. >> that's a relief. fabulous they're such kind, thoughtful people. >> reporter: the family won't be back in their house this christmas. they don't expect the work to be complete until the spring. they say knowing others volunteered their time to make their christmas a little brighter is the best gift they
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could have received. they aren't the only ones getting help from operation blessing. in october, sandy caused billions of damage along the east coast and devastated this waterfront community. volunteers have done more than 300 jobs like this one for the people of breezy point. >> this has been an area so devastatingly affected by the storm, and there's so much need. >> reporter: laura kelly and her family came from connecticut saturday to help rebuild. >> if i was ever in this position, i would hope that people would come and do the same for me. i figure it's the least i can do. >> reporter: but the group says it's not a little deed, it's given them hope and a sign that the christmas spirit is still alive. cbs news, breezy point, new york. >> one breezy point couple will celebrate their first christmas as husband and wife. tracy and rich got married in their hometown. the emt and his bride arrived at the church atop a fire truck. the groom says today's walk down the aisle was a piece of cake compared to what it was like to walk their town in the
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aftermath of supper storm sandy. >> the -- super storm sandy. >> i think everybody needs a little bit of hope to see that we're going to pull through this and we're going to do it one day at a time and we're going to rebuild. >> the church where they took their vows had no heat since the storm. but the monseigner said the wedding is a strong
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>> , okay white christmas. let's not even talk about it. >> not for our area, not for the d.c. metro. further north looks like we'll have some snow. >> okay. that's not bad. not begging. >> i'm sorry. we do have a little bit of rain on the way though that could damp be santa's plans. i'm sure he'll still make his travels, no problem. let's take a look outside with
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the michael & son live weather cam. we're taking a look at the capitol building. yesterday at this time it was so windy. right now it is colder, but it's less windy. that is for sure. 35 degrees right now with clear skies. that dew point 19. it's really cold and dry atmosphere with winds out of the west at 8 miles per hour right now. that's a big improvement. we're going to continue to see those winds relaxing as we head through the overnight hours. so in your weather headlines, we have very cold air in place tonight, but less windy. that's going to lead to a very nicesunday. we're going to see lots of sunshine to help bump up the temperatures. weak disturbances on the way that could bring rain for santa. right now already down to 30 degrees in gaithersburg. 32 martinsburg and leesburg. same in manassas. with the wind chill, it's making it feel like 24 in frederick, 31 in annapolis, 24
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in andrews. we'll continue to have that as a concern overnight tonight. with a big area of high pressure to our south we'll settle down those winds and also keep the sunshine in tomorrow's forecast. another disturbance approaching. you can see some of that high cloud cover, but it's going to take awhile to get here. on 9 futurecast, we're completely dry through the day on sunday. some clouds approaching for monday. but the monday morning rush will stay dry. if you have to deal with that rush hour, it looks like we'll be fine. it's on christmas eve during the afternoon and evening that we'll see some of this rain approaching. you see some snow up here. this is the higher elevation thing. this is like above 1,000 feet, maybe even 1500 feet to see accumulating snow. it will just be rain moving through our area. the district, beltway, it's all going to be rain for you on monday into the evening and then christmas day will clear out again. overnight tonight, mostly clear. as i mentioned, a little bit on the colder side, but not as breezy. 22 to 30 degrees with winds out
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of the west at 5 to 10 miles per hour. in the morning, it will be very cold, but light breezes, so not too much of a wind chill factor. temps in the 20s and 30s with west winds at 5 to 10. in the afternoon, we'll warm up quickly. 45 to 50 degrees for your afternoon highs under mostly sunny skies, but that's probably the best day that we're going to have in awhile. take a look at the ravens forecast. not too breezy. a bit milder. you definitely will want the heavier winter coat with temperatures in the upper 40s. over the next three days, we'll keep it in the green zone here, because it's not a big deal with this rain on monday. it's afternoon and evening rain. then as we head into christmas day, we clear out again. high of 48 degrees on christmas day. so that looks like a nice one. but wednesday a bigger storm system is on the way. and that could bring some pockets of heavy rain. keep that in mind and maybe even some snowflakes falling wednesday night into thursday morning. but still no accumulating snow in this entire forecast. >> we'll stop asking. can we ask when the wizards
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might win again? >> by this, in about ten days. are they 3 and 21 now? you thought last night was bad. wait until you see this i'm about to show you. pistons and wizards, can the wiz kids be this bad two nights in a row against the pistons, weren't very good themselves. doctors give the all clear signal for robert griffin, bob. what time will the cowboys redskins game be next
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well, you just don't see it that often. i'm talking about the pistons blowing out anybody. these aren't the bad boy pistons of the '90s that won
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back to back championships. these are just the bad pistons so when they defeated the wizards by 32, it made you think how bad are the wizards? wow. let's do a little flashback here. that was 24 hours here. that's a triple xxl fan right there. a little kickball. this is how bad it was. pistons won 100-68. that's ted right there. this is not a replay, rejected by former georgetown, greg monroe had two blocks. pistons led by 20. watch jordan crawford here on the doorstep, ready for the easy lay-in. grip? no. wizards lose by 7 tonight. coach randy whitman, he didn't want to stick around to watch it either. >> i've been trying to get thrown out for a while.
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these guys won't even throw me out. >> i feel bad for the guy. all right. when georgetown plays american university, hoyas win it, that simple, eight straight times. the one blip 30 years ago when the eagles upset a patrick- ewing led squad. jeff jones trying to do a similar thing here, but you've got to cover rivera. 3 points. two of five from deep. the hoyas build a 15-point lead. but the eagles pesky. daniel munoz stroking his 3. he had a 15-point game. georgetown's defense all over the eagles here. porter, georgetown pulling away for their ninth straight. kristen berset with more. >> reporter: georgetown and american are two teams that are headed in opposite directions. the eagles have now lost three
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in a row while the hoyas are riding a seven game win streak. now, today's game ended as most expected, with georgetown dominating the d.c. neighbor. but both teams see there's a lot of work to be done, especially with conference play looming around the corner. >> we've been struggling. before this game, we've been struggling. so we've been really emphasizing improvement and not so much focus on the win/loss record but instead focusing on doing the things that can allow us to become a better team. >> none of us in that locker room are sitting there with our heads in the sand saying we're playing perfect basketball. we all realize there's so many areas of the game that we seem to get better at. >> we're 10-1. we just want to come back after the christmas break and keep it up, you know. continue to play good basketball. >> the hoyas can take this win streak and their 10-1 record into christmas and enjoy the holiday, but then it's right back to work. they open up january 5th
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against marquette. from the verizon center, i'm kristen berset, 9 sports. >> thank you very much. george washington hosted bmi. love those cadets. what can brown do for you? that a 3. they were 9 of 21 from downtown. good ball moving here. colonials win 76-67. george mason on the road at richmond. great ballgame here. big old derrick williams got a lot of junk in his trunk. 270 pounds he can still get up and flush. spiders up by 12. serious rally by the patriots. there goes my hero at the buzzer. >> patriots win. down in richmond, barnett, his only triple of the game, it's a good one from downtown. the monarchs hanging in. painter following that loose rock, picks it up and scores. old dominion 63-61.
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some redskins football now. the doctors cleared rg3 to play. in 14 hours we will see him fly up in philly. probably a good thing they held him out last week, gave him an extra week to get ready. now he faces that eagles defense that's been swiss cheese this season. but it's a tough division game and they like nothing better than to derail rg3 and the redskins. >> techniques, they're known for, aren't showing up as much. they still run them, but they changed that a little bit. but aside from that, they're still playing hard. they're still playing physical and we've got to go out and make sure we're more physical than they are. >> all right, guys, one last thing real quick. fox and nbc fighting for the cowboys redskins game next week. we don't know whether it will be on fox or nbc at night. it will be huge, of course, if it's going to be for the division title. nbc wants it. fox wants it. we will find out what time and where the game will be. so it should be good. >> we don't care, as long as we
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win. >> and as long as you're watching channel 9 at night. >> have a good night, inside the media coverage of the connecticut school shooting. >> the incredible heartache and stories of survival as hollywood reaches out. tragedy. >> so sad. >> i'm numb. i'm enraged. >> there are no words to comfort the families. >> stars honor the victims of the sandy hook elementary shooting. >> if it could happen there, it could happen here. >> inside the national debate making front page news. >> people are thinking about guns. >> we are prepared to say such violence visited on our children year after year after year is somehow the price of our freedom? >> then -- stories of survival. >> she said to her mom, mommy,
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i'm okay, but all of my friends are dead. >> the 6-year-old girl who outsmarted the killer. >> of those left in the classroom, she was the lone survivor. >> plus, inside the ethics of the media interviewing children on camera after surviving tragedy. >> it was too soon. i would not want my child to be talking to the media. then, before "les miz" opens. >> fantina is alive right now. i met her. >> opening up on all the attention on her hair. >> i don't like that these things are treated in a superficial way. >> hugh jackman how being a father prepared him. >> once you're a parent, you understand it can be messy. there is fear, worry, frustration. >> from hollywood, "weekend insider" is on. this week we saw our nation come together to honor the victims of sandy hook elementary. welcome to the weekend edition

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